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Feny na prodej - females for sale

Suitable as a family friend, as a breeding female.
born 4.4.2019, ZVV1, 5JV1/P Kkl. I
show: SG, HD/ED 0/0 CZ

rodokmen / pedigree



Suitable as a family friend, for personal and property protection,
for hobby sport - not for TOP sport!
born 14.8.2018
X-ray HD A, ED 0/1

rodokmen / pedigree

photogallery 1   photogallery 2    photogallery 3

HD x-ray    ED x-ray


Hippie is big strong female, with big chest and strong jowl.
She comes from wide majority from Czechoslovakia bloodline, in her pedigree
is a lot of successful dogs
using for police and for top sport.
Her character is like working dog. Her protection is real, aggressive, with prevailing natural
defensive drive.
She completed only about 5 training of defence, from start without problem on sleeve.
Her prey and hunting drive is middle strong. She is stable and calm in public, but still wary.
She is ok with all dogs and puppies in our kennel, but she doesn't like foreign dogs.
She has no problem with environment and surfaces, in unknown situation she acts calm.
She is house-trained and clean, used to be outside/inside, with her family friendly and playful.
She is very good motivated (feed - ball) for obedience training, for practical service training,
hobby sport, for personal use.
She is not suitable for sport training.
She is suitable as a family friend (with children too), for personal/family or service protection,
but new owner has to have basic experience with german shepherds.


Female for TOP sport! Suitable as a breeding female and family friend.
born 24.12.2013, IPO3, BH
show: SG, HD/ED 0/0

rodokmen / pedigree


obedience IPO1

Qessie is medium size, strong female, strictly sport/trial type.
She passed exam IPO3 at the age of two years on 270 points (qualification for Czech national trials).
Unfortunatelly due to the lack of time she stay as a breeding female in our kennel.
She is very social female with absolutely hard nerves, clear head.
She is ideal type of a dog for high sport and trials. She is calm and sober at home, in a cage, .. but when the training start, she switch to training mode and high temperament.
She is trouble-free as a mother, interesting in a puppies.
Her daughter Eleonora stay in our kennel as best offspring of Quessie.
With other dogs she is more dominant, but fully manageable.

She has a lot of common with her "sister" - Unie Denbrix - after their mother Unny Majorův háj. Primarily it is good health, hard nerves, endurance in training etc.

Father - Fred Denbrix - is hard nerves, good balanced and self-confident dog, participant of national IPO3 trials.
His mother is originator of our kennel, top female Xarah Rapačov - participant of a lot of ZVV3/IPO3 trials, with almost all exams, with strong nerves, good health and natural defence and behavior.
Mother - Unny Majorův háj - is placed in our kennel for 7 years.
She comes from legendary bloodline Norbo Ben-Ju. Very live female, hard in training, with strong prey drive and natural defence.


suitable for sport, breeding and family protection
born 7.4.2015, IPO3, ZVV1, BH
HD/ED 0/0

rodokmen / pedigree

protection 2 years

obedience 2 years

Unie is big and strong female /61cm - 36kg/, both of her parents are big and strong too.
She is very live female, with high prey and hard defensive drive, rather classic working type than sport type.
She works willingly, with zeal and she is very tough in training.
She passed exam IPO3 at the age of two years. First litter she has in two years too, she is perfect and trouble-free mother.
Her daughter Bacara is in our kennel as Unie's successor.
Unie is social, no unjustifiably aggressive, but she is hard in danger.
Unie is from 95 % Czech bloodline.

Father - Lukas z Dvořákova sadu - is 100 % Czech bloodline (BH, IPO3).
He is top Czech police dog.
Mother - Unny Majorův háj - is placed in our kennel for 7 years.
She comes from legendary bloodline Norbo Ben-Ju. Very live female, hard in training, with strong prey drive and natural defence.
Lukas worked in a police breeding, so there aren't many options to get direct progeny of him.
Unie will be in a heat in January 2018 and it is possible to sold her as a covered/pregnant female.



born 24.12.2013, BH, IPO1, HD/ED 0/0
suitable for top sport, breeding and family protection

Litter "Q" was excellent and very stable litter. Their nature is stable combination both of parents.
Mother Unny is female with extreme prey drive, high speed and temperament. Father Fred Denbrix is calmer and very stable male.
Queen is very eager for every work, with hard prey drive, but with perfect changeover excite-rest, which is good for her easy training for high sport and trials.
Queen can relax. She release energy in training, but in lair she is calm and doesn't make a mess and energy unnecessarily, as many lively dogs.
She will be very quality for breeding. She is combination of many successful competitve dogs and calm dogs, with balanced character, good for training and with
premise very good exterior. Healthy too. The worst result of X-ray of this parents is czech HD 1/1 (in SV it means fast normal).
Queen is very social and contact by nature. She is good with other dogs, she doesn't have problem with surfaces, ambience etc.
I prefer her sale for those, where her high sport and breeding potencial will be used.
rodokmen / pedigree
fotografie / photogallery
video defence



born 15.7.2014, ZVV1, for sport, breeding and family protection

Sarah is midi big, dark sable female with strong bones. She has crazy drive for ball. She is easy trainable, ready for any type of work, with perfect nose work.
She is perfect nanny for children, she has no problem with other males/females, surfaces, traffic, travelling by car etc. She has good socialization.
Sarah has unflagging temperament and ability for regional sport or hobby training.
She has microchipe, tatoo and international passport.
Official X-Ray HD 1/1, ED 0/0, with all teets, with good health.
Sarah is female from last litter of Xarah Rapačov.

father: Figaro Aritar Bastet
mother: Xarah Rapačov
fotografie / photogallery
video obedience
video protection


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